Thinking on thinking #1 NFT

Thinking On Thinking #1

Minting date: 01/01/2022

Platform: Async Art

Availability: For sale


An original generative NFT artwork hand drawn by the artist Ollie Smith. Thinking On Thinking #1, is a scenario where one might dwell on the either real or imagined conversations, that either could have been or might happen in the future. This NFT updates every hour over 24 hours.

I find the idea somewhat nostalgic, as if the action is based on the relationship between people, whether the conversation or questioning has taken place or not.

Colours chosen are bright pink and purple with white text, all words have been hand written with an oversized brush size to make them less legible. The shapes form a kind of comic book thought bubble where the pronouns used are changed every hour over a twenty four hour period.