The Butterfly Effect Legendary 1

The Butterfly Effect #1 NFT Blueprint

Minting date: 05/04/2022

Platform: Async Art

Availability: Presale starts May 4th at 21:45 GMT


888 compositions are available from a total of 19,683 NFT blueprint editions. All colours and compositions are chosen and hand drawn by the artist.

This Butterfly Effect has been developed over 10 years studio work, using popular culture pictures from the 20th century onwards; A process of picture making that emphasises beauty and representation, whilst dealing with communication and playing with symbology, both recognised and suggested.

Most of the symbols used in my paintings hold specific meanings or communication that I’m interested in and naturally attracted to. However, the relationships between the images within one picture is not linear in a traditional sense, their meanings are not cumulative. Instead, I choose to look at contrasting their emotional weight or strength separately.

There are several distinctive areas within my studio practice, covering iconography and symbolism, re-creation of written communication, including verbal dialogue, thoughts, repeated soundbytes and numeric codes which includes patterns of forms; Presenting combinations of meaning, subject and colour.

Colour is an important aspect of my NFTs, typically bold and bright and used to highlight imagery used. Selections of colours often start by association with specific images used in the pictures and from there can grow by way of a complementary relationship. Whilst colour is often used in equal parts, for example, separating a square canvas into four equal pieces, there is also a more abstract use, where colours are balanced by shape, size and the weight.

I will continue to develop The Butterfly Effect NFTs and Blueprints, I’d be happy to hear from you if you are interested in any collaboration. Ollie