Safe Deposit NFT

Safe Deposit

Minting date: 07/27/2021

Platform: OpenSea

Availability: For Sale


Quad drawing of boxes displaying the items, Cheshire Cat, frag grenade, butterfly and security safe emblem. This artwork is drawn in preparation for the physical painting of the same title. The creation of this artwork was quite spontaneous, made in an intuitive manner by abstraction. The images came from a feeling more that by visual association or meaning. I started with the safe deposit box symbol, which felt heavy and authoritative, this led to the butterfly, which felt delicate and fragile by comparison. Later I added the fragmentation grenade and the infamous Cheshire Cat from the movie Alice in Wonderland, I guess that I find them both obscene images, the perverseness of the character in the cat and obscene nature of the grenade seemed to complement one another. Overall the work is about contrasts of meaning.