I hope this works 555 NFT

I Hope This Works 555

Minting date: 07/11/2021

Platform: OpenSea

Availability: For sale


This original NFT artwork is directly associated with toys and play and cinema. One of the important aspects of my work is the nature of meaning and translating images into linear scenarios. It is the viewers own experience and intellect that defines the meaning of these specific combinations of imagery.

In the work ‘I Hope This Works 555’ the title refers to the nature of the bomb and gun images, the 5’s represent laughter and repetition, the thought bubble makes the source a personal situation. The ‘revolver’ in this artwork is based on a toy gun, with its red barrel; this was how toy guns were often manufactured and represented a universal sign that this functioning pistol is in fact not real. The ‘bomb’ was based on a prop from a black and white movie, and while they could have used a prop, the bomb was in fact very real and ended up blowing the actors’ hand apart before he could distance himself from it. So the work comes down to perceptions of meaning.